Sometimes I wish I were a film
And be as good as Amelie’s purity.
Fly and share with those I lost, the love and the pain,
Like Toto does with Alfredo.
I wish I were able to find Good Will while Hunting
Or even Forest riding a bicycle.
Engaging with dreams like Waking Life
Where switches flick and nothing happens.
I just wanted to become a character in Amarcord
Believe in myself and my Best Youth.
I really wanted to have aliens for friends
And the Black Beauty with me in a desert island.
Nothing like the Smoke of an everyday photo.
Nothing like understanding Neruda’s Postman.
I only believed I was a Clock Work Orange
Before I found Shine Shining.
Never under the impression of the City of God
I have glances of innocent bits of it every day.
I Speak to Her and I try to Volver once again.
It is incredible to arrive to a city and feel the Dreamers
Hiding behind the modernist windows.
It is truly amazing to be friends with Basquiat,
To suffer with Pollock and even with Picasso.
Singing in the Rain brings me the kitsch happiness
Of falling in Love with a girl instead of Pi.
The Match Point is played in my courtyard.
The three Colours join and make me see pain again.
With my Eyes Wide Shut I keep trying to be the fugitive.
Simply images passing quickly just like our life
In front of our eyes.

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