When will I finish? When will I start eating again? When will I start sleeping again? When will I start going to the gym fr a change? Posted by Picasa

Still working on it but it's a bit better, don't you think? Posted by Picasa

Take a look at this edge... Posted by Picasa

You'll see the difference in the end... Posted by Picasa

Looks bad but it will be great you'll see... Posted by Picasa

Can you guess what it is about? Posted by Picasa

Cooper had to lay down on the floor to take this one... Posted by Picasa

The first step for a colaborative instalation I 'm goin to do with Craig Cooper. Posted by Picasa

My friends in Zavial (the last day in paradise) Posted by Picasa

If you are English and never tried this, please do... Posted by Picasa

Believe me it feels great... Posted by Picasa

Green side of Lagos... Posted by Picasa

the third day in Hortas do Tabual Posted by Picasa

Hummm... the second day of paradise... Posted by Picasa

You can't image how the first day in Zavial feels like... So many moments, nights, games, waves, delicious food, friends, sun, heat, music and so many other things that I don't even have to mention ... Posted by Picasa