Andrea, Zé and me - Photo by Zé - Costa Vicentina - De alguma maneira quero voltar a estar com eles logo que voltar. Foram eles que me salvaram nos piores momentos. Sei que continuo a estar com eles apesar de estar "a cascos" e apesar de tudo o resto... Posted by Hello

My garden 2 - Design by Jorge viana - Photos by Leonor Viana Posted by Hello

My garden in Portugal... Posted by Hello

My studio in Portugal... What am I doing here? Posted by Hello

Invitation - Convite Posted by Hello

Convite - Invitation Posted by Hello

Philosophy Posted by Hello

Science Posted by Hello

Fake light Posted by Hello

Perspective on my structure Posted by Hello

Zooming new horizons Posted by Hello

Self-closing draws? Posted by Hello

Craig's birthday Posted by Hello


English moon Posted by Hello

Equilibrium Posted by Hello

Imagination boost. A nitro for the brain's engine. Posted by Hello

My patent private library. Tomorrow I'll get a few more os these books. This is just a section but I didn't have a wide angle lens with me...  Posted by Hello

Mat is using a friezer but only the mechanical bits. He was taking it apart yesterday. Posted by Hello

O Bairro e um sítio chamado artis. O sítio da luz vermelha. Posted by Hello

Mimo puro. Isto era quando eu era pequenino, claro... Acham que devia ter vergonha de vos falar das festinhas da minha mãe ao acordar? Nah... para quê ter vergonha de momentos tão bons? Posted by Hello

Um cantinho especial na minha casa em Oeiras. Posted by Hello


(Rob's mobile pic) I miss these moments. I know they were saying good things about me. I wish I was there to taste the wine, the light, the improvements, my family and friends. My heart was there saying "CHEERS"! À vossa e às coisas boas da vida.  Posted by Hello

(Rob's mobile pic again) Chão de Couce's paint changing into beautiful stone! Posted by Hello

(Rob's mobile pic) A cozinha e a Copa - cada vez melhor. Cada vez mais bonito. Posted by Hello

Rita a la Baselitz Posted by Hello