Waking life - Ants

Something I hope I achieve with a t-shirt...


Time to be

I had all this time (since June) to sort out ghosts, to kill vampires, explore great beaches, go down amazing waves, read with no dead line, to feel my family, to talk with friends, share a couple of words and even to taste life for what it is. And that's why my blog stopped. I hope you understand.

I also found my accommodation in London, sorted out big problems, fell in love with the Portuguese perfect food, sunny days, girls and some wine.

Next year I’ll be living right next to the Elephant and Castle tube station. It would be impossible to find anything better.

One month in the Algarve, a couple of weeks feeling the joy of being back and now I must run because I need to be in the north of Portugal tomorrow morning. The water is sweet in the country side and the dreams are softer then the blue velvet of my soul. Let’s warm the brain up for the most active and exciting year so far.