Caman� e o "Sr. Pis�o" Posted by Picasa

A casa de Agosto Posted by Picasa

"A �nica chatice quando cavo � que tenho de mudar de camisa... sim porque eu j� n�o tenho a vossa idade." Posted by Picasa

"In the Algarve" - Perfection is real Posted by Picasa

Sr. Pinheiro na sua quinta (a do Pis�o) Posted by Picasa

My land-lord is 89 years old...  Posted by Picasa

"In the Algarve" - perfection is real Posted by Picasa

White Installation - Rachel White-read this one Posted by Picasa

Pool Project - � para ter... Posted by Picasa

Arado de Gila (Found Installation 2) Posted by Picasa

Mau gosto? O que � isso? Posted by Picasa

Aqui h� gato... Posted by Picasa

Trotinet - Installation Posted by Picasa

Zavial - the spot for August Posted by Picasa

2 snails and 1 butterfly Posted by Picasa


This one is exactly like the poster I did o take the piss on my "censoring course-mates"! Posted by Picasa

If you who never committed a sin please throw the first stone... Posted by Picasa

In some countries it might be the law Posted by Picasa

The answer Posted by Picasa

Lego for muslims Posted by Picasa

The word Muhammad... Posted by Picasa

Art and cartoons Posted by Picasa

Cartoons and post-postmodernist thoughts Posted by Picasa


What am I doing.... Posted by Picasa

I hate this Fat Bastard Posted by Picasa