Topics for random Reflux development

The observer’s reflux

–relational aesthetics, the pathway around the work and gallery is the same as a reflux of liquid

–The need to be critical for certain types of work to be effective such as the gallery wall ripped off. The waste of gallery space being the subject matter of the work implies that if people just believe that is good work it stops being good work at all. To write about this project would be enough if people just though it was a good piece. It wouldn’t be enough. The fact that the realization of the project is beyond the language capability of communication is essential. It produces an effect maybe an affect (check Deleuze’s definition) on people that react critically and realize they start being upset because of the opportunity to do something with the rest of the space. The truth is that if the artist had done anything else to space this hole discussion wouldn't have happened. Because people feel irritated and provoked I believe this is still a good work – but it is only good while there is someone that sees it and hates it.

Conceptual reflux

–Hegel, Eternal return (Nietzsche), Deleuze

–Temperature – scientific definition (functional) – the temperature of art movements – post modernism is dead and it didn’t have a long life. People are trying to feed on a corps. What is beyond language being helped by language – Fridge installation – the permanence of the work – the counter-intuitive environments – the open system (it is receiving electricity) – the way cold is produced – YBA’s Mark queen and Damien’s lack of depth and energy – there isn’t one machine with a 100% efficiency rate – the notion of self (the inside and outside are one single space) – politics (cfc –recycling- environment-public property). The diagnose of he creative death – temperature based
Object’s reflux

Visual reflux

Kinetic reflux

Absent reflux

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