Random Reflux

“Chaos under control” – a book I dreamt about when I was a teenager

Rules are intellectual objects that help ordering functions in systems. The way this happens is based on the forced descriptive coincidence of the behaviour of that function with a cycle or with a constant characteristic. This usually applies to large scale scientific studies of the universe, periodicity of history (the largest scale we can study culture) and any other macroscopic sequence of events. On the other hand randomness, chaos, and the lack of what we would call rules are the basis of quantic systems. The relevance of this is that we live in between these two scales of events. If on one hand we live long enough and have a language that helps us realise the rules of long term weather (not just on the scale of summer and winter but for glacial ages as well) on the other hand most of the time our “rules” only give us a few days of forecast becoming completely irrelevant for the description of our daily lives where all particles (including our bodies) are chaotically shuffled into what we usually call our cultural melting pot.

If we try and relate these simplistic thoughts to art and other creative productions we will realize that language is what we use to define rules and patterns. Even when we think about creative writing as stream of consciousness we will realize its main function is to define the breaking point of order. It almost touches the unsayable / unwritable but it doesn’t obviously overcome that because even if interpretation becomes absurd the object was still written or said. Chaos is somehow interconnected to intuition, deconstruction, explosion, randomness, high temperatures, microscopic objects and the apparent impossibilities that actually happen.

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