Portuguese Workers in Canada

Well this is what happened when the conservative party won in Canada. I know that liberal in Portugal means right wing but in Canada liberals were doing a good job until the "Torys" won the elections.

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v-alter said...

Just a minor correction.
In Portugal, liberal doesn't mean right wing. Only some conservatives like to say that.
In Europe, Liberal is not right winged.
In America(continent), is not right winged.
In Portugal, Liberal is not right winged.

Right wing is liberal in some aspects. And Left wing is liberal in others. Liberals are always liberals.
It´s about wilingness to change.

Besides, it was a liberal that showed you this. Someone as liberal as that famous canadian liberal artist.

Besides, the Portuguese Liberals are in favour of helping imigrants as the Canadian Liberals.

But I know you only wrote that to tease me. :D