Tell me what YOU think about this

George Galloway interview with Sky news over Lebanon-Israeli. I have no opinion at the moment about this on one had I feel that if there was no US army the world would me more dagerous for me to live in, on the other I feel that same army is deadly for millions of muslims which are inocent... I just want to have a couple of comments that mean something instead of quoted stuff. Please let me know what you think of this wonderful TV moment.


Hugo Garcia said...

Two monologs do not build a dialog.

This is just another closed perspective.
And by saying this I am not defending the israelist atack.

But to wich point does one have the hability to decide if all we see is action and reaction. The simple efect of causality.
Aparently no one is responsible for their action.
Nor israel, nor hezzbolah, nor the (allies).

The speach of "he did this" or even "he started" can only result in a mental state of alienation wich leads to lack of responsability.

rob said...

6 seconds please...
don't forget!

zamotanaiv said...

UUU yeah Galloway! Gimme some more! I feel the world is a lot more dangerous with the US army hanging around.
Um abraço.

THOMMY said...


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